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Walk Into My Life lyrics

It's the end of the day I'm hardly breathing
I am lost and feel so lonely
I wanna steal your embrace
I just keep holdin'
So my dream will not be broken
I wanna touch your face
And feel a thousand ways
I wanna know what love is like

It starts all over again
My heart is beating my imaginations growing
It's ike a fall that I take into a world
Where nothing's more than just pretending
I wanna know the taste of every kiss we save
And let them carry us thru dawn
But I've just gotta wait it's getting late
And time is moving on

Then you walk into my life
Taking all of my defenses
If it wasn't for tonight
I may never know these senses
Every moment feels so right
It's the end of all my guessing

Na na na na na na na...

It's the end of the day I'm hardly speaking
I don't know what I'm expecting
But there's a role that I play inside
A passion that for me is never ending
I wanna go some place where we are lost in space
I wanna know what love is like
But I've just gotta wait
It's getting late and time is moving on

Who knows the time and the place
But you're here and that's all that really matters

When you're near me I can't believe you're more than I thought you'd ever be