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Give It All lyrics

Give me 3x ahh! people of the world who wants a plenty
Tell me 3x if you want a little kind of mercy
Show me 3x ahh! some respect and a lot of courtesy
Do me 3x a favor give me piece and no hostility
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Give it all you've got no matter who you are
You can make it right, just be who you are
Give it all you've got no matter where you are
Trust the one above, whatever color you are

Relax your mind and take it real slow
The things that people do will make you so
Down to the point to where you can't control
Your temper, but you got to let it
You are the one who's really in control
Of your mind, your body, and your soul
You gotta have peace within yourself
Let it out and share it with everybody, yeah!

(Repeat Whole Song)